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10 best places to visit in Romania


If you’re a history buff, this is definitely one to add to your Romanian travel bucket list. This UNESCO World Heritage site was once the capital and most important military, political, and religious centre of the Dacians before the wars with the Roman Empire. The fortress was made up of six citadels and was the foundation of a complex defensive system in the Orastie Mountains.

While this is definitely one of Romania’s most important attractions, the tourist trail is not so straightforward. Travelers who wish to go there can only arrive by car from Costesti, which is probably the most challenging aspect, because the road is not paved and so drivers need to pay close attention to the road conditions and definitely not exceed the speeding limit. The drive ends approximately one kilometre away from the ruins, so the last portion of the journey needs to be done by foot.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our best places to visit in Romania list and that we’ve inspired you to travel to more remote, less popular destinations. Drop us a comment below and let us know what your favorite place in Romania is and what else we should feature in this article.


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