A Staycation In Salcombe, South Devon

It’s always nice to have something special in mind when you go on a staycation holiday. A goal. Something to aim for.

When you go to the Lake District, you want to see lakes. When you go to the seaside, you want to spend time by the sea.

Hope Cove on devon coast

So, when a bunch of us went to Salcombe recently, we decided the aim of the game was simple. We were going in search of good food, done well. Foodie heaven, in Devon. Not the posh stuff, nothing with Michelin stars or fancy rosettes. More like Sunday roasts, ice cream sundaes, fish’n’chips. Basically, treats galore.

Comfort food for comfortable times. Obviously, we would do some strolling, swimming and sightseeing along the way, but our primary objective, was – food, glorious food.

Didn’t take long to find what we were looking for. Paradise in portion sized pieces. Mmm.

South Sands Salcombe

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