A Circular Walk Of Lindley Wood Reservoir, Yorkshire

The Washburn valley, north of Otley in Yorkshire is home to a series of Reservoirs. Lindley Wood Reservoir is the lowest and nearest to Otley itself.

Further up the valley there is Fewston & Swinsty Reservoirs and further up again is another good walk around Thruscross Reservoir. Every single one is lovely but you will find that here at Lindley Wood is less busy and yet just as beautiful to walk around.

As I lived near it for a year or so it became a great local walk for me this circular. The dogs loved it. The variety of it was spectacular and every season brought something new in the valley.

washburn valley in snow

This reservoir is not off road foot-pathed all the way around its immediate perimeter but this particular 6 mile walk keeps you away from the road in the main as well as letting you see the whole area from above, below and also beside the water.

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