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There are so many different types of scrapbook papers, the list could be long here. So I’ve narrowed it down to the beautiful Japanese origami papers and scrapbook paper with different designs.

Usually scrapbook paper or craft paper is a bit thicker, so it’s easier to work with.

I also found these magnetic page markers, which I think will be a great addition to your scrapbook!

Other paper ideas to add are: drawings, rubbings, food / product packaging, food / product labels, postcards, postal stamps, ticket stubs, receipts, maps, menus, boarding passes, business cards, letters or notes from friends, something written/printed in the local language, cuttings from (travel) magazines, travel brochures, etc. etc.


What is a travel scrapbook without memorable photos in them? Besides the standard sizes you can get at your local print show, I also love to add little polaroids to my albums.

Here you can find the popular Fujifilm Instax mini camera with special film and even a handy printer.

Another fun tip is to find some vintage travel photos in your local thrift shop or market!


On the website of The Adventure Book (which I also highly recommend!), I found these cute travel stationary and country flags that you can print and add to your journal.

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