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Saint Lucia is an island in the Eastern Caribbean and boasts mountains on the west coast. It is home to volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites, luxury resorts, and fishing villages. Here one can visualize the majestic peaks of the Pitons reaching the sky, luxurious rainforests, and the mesmerizing blue-green waters of the Caribbean breaking just offshore. Its landscape, people, customs, and cuisine will provide the perfect setting for the vacation of a lifetime.  

The diverse history of Saint Lucia is known as a melting pot of various cultures, mixed with African cultures brought over during colonial times. Blended with English, French and Dutch elements make, the island is unique to those who visit. As diverse as it is, no two parts are alike! Some are ideal for bustling nightlife and beachside parties, while others offer opportunities to get away from it and explore dense jungles and quiet vistas. (Please call to know Saint Lucia Island before you decide where to stay.)

One of the most popular locations for visitors is North Saint Lucia. Though everything is a few minutes away, the area is hard to get to from the airport, and Nature lovers will appreciate pigeon island, which offers kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming. Please don’t leave without taking time to walk around the old fort ruins and imagine what it was like during the 1700s. Rodney Bay is home to some of the top beaches and famous nightlife. This part of the island offers more diverse activities, which is ideal for families. 

The south side, or South Saint Lucia is close to the airport, so you can check into your hotel and relax on the beach after landing. As the most historic, explore the ruins, take a hike and check out the rusty cannons and old bricks scattered around. Experience clear white sandy beaches, known for their length, so you can find a place far enough from other visitors to get away.  

Soufriere, the original French Capital and located on the west coast of Saint Lucia. Although quiet during the off-season, it is a popular tourist destination and port for many cruise ships. During your stay, take a walk around Old Town and pick up handcrafted souvenirs or leave town and take a hike or swim at some of their most impressive waterfalls.

Last but not least, Saint Lucia’s central area visitors can explore. Although this area is not known for its beaches like the other areas, it offers a variety of other activities that the others don’t have—known for various forest reserves to protect natural plant and animal life. Take a hike and see streaming waterfalls that offer some of the best views on the entire island—lookouts where you can reserve and visit small towns and their pristine beaches. You may spot exotic birds and even small mammals. Even though this area doesn’t have lodging, there are nearby beaches to visit.

Regardless of where you stay on this magnificent island, you’ll find something to love about it, whether it’s the food, the beaches, the nightlife, the adventure, or the tranquility; on the island of Saint Lucia, there’s always something for everyone to do. After all, this is the Caribbean’s best-kept secret.




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