If you haven’t heard yet, the most talked about epic adventure will soon be upon us.  A massive indoor/outdoor waterpark coming to the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City. I know I’ve only been talking about this since last year, even before the groundbreaking ceremony.   It’s countdown time. It will be the largest waterpark, even more significant than Great Wolf lodge. I’ve never been there but have friends who have taken their children and said it was very nice. With locations in several states, it’s a top-rated year-round destination for families. It is indoors, so even during winter, you can still enjoy this fantastic waterpark. You may think – it’s nice, but waterparks are mainly for families with kids. What makes this waterpark so unique? As one of the largest, the Showboat hotel will house this spectacular event.

The former casino re-opened as a non-casino hotel after shutting its doors in 2014. Over the years, it has transformed and now boasts a variety of activities for everyone. As the Lucky Snake (check out my blog on the opening of this epic arcade) is the largest arcade on the East Coast, A Go-kart track with helmets featuring a camera for pictures, Mini golf, bowling, A sports bar, and many more; and soon will be home of ISLAND Waterpark.

It will feature a retractable glass roof, shopping, pools, lazy rivers, waterslides, and restaurants. 

“A one-of-a-kind for Atlantic City, the year-round family resort will be a first for this city since its existence.  Other activities planned include zip lines, a gravity coaster, and a boardwalk with typical boardwalk games. But, perhaps the most anticipated of this waterpark is an all-adult area, a whopping 10,000 square feet. Who says waterparks are just for kids? 

With the waterpark slated to open in the summer of 2023, the vibe for Atlantic City, especially the Showboat Hotel, is a sense of anticipation, excitement, and hope, something the residents haven’t felt in a long time. After all, with the closures of significant casinos, most people wiped Atlantic City off the map; nine casinos closing, how could this city survive? After all, New York to Maryland casinos were popping up and down the east coast. Three casinos in less than a 50-mile radius have opened in Maryland alone. 

Throughout the city, posters of the ISLAND Waterpark are posted in windows and casinos. The closer to the opening, this epic adventure will only build in excitement, something it hasn’t seen in a long time. But the waterpark is just the beginning of things to come. The adventure of Atlantic City is here to stay.

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