A Visit To Granada, Andalucia, Spain

Mesmerised by its art, from the winding steps of the Alhambra fortress, Granada, that boasts famous Islamic architecture, to the city streets of Realejo with its graffiti and interpretations of the world.

El nino de las pinturas’, also known as the Spanish Banksy, owns a place on the main stage with his creative illustrations. 

Granada, Andalusia oozes artistic design with its; doorways, archways, and stairways. And has become a getaway that offers something for every pallet.

granada architecture

Visitors are invited to step inside the world and complexity of underground tunnels, preserved medieval cities and symmetry of the finest quality, represented by gardens, patterns and flowing water.

Alhambra Palace is a major tourist attraction. But don’t be put off by the vast numbers of visitors passing through its ancient doorways every day. A guided tour is recommended, if just to listen to the majestic plans and designs that once embraced a diversity of culture.

granada doorway

Aside from the cool and tranquil buildings and gardens that make up this ancient Royal residence, Alhambra also offers views across Granada, that at sunset, provides further examples of the colour images across its skyline.

 The magical skies of Granada

Creativity is a major feature of Andalusian culture. The breath-taking scenery that emerges from narrow walkways is immense. Just as you think you have covered it all, another path leads to a tempting plaza selling teas and herbs or steep steps to new leafy gardens.

spices in granada

Being creative can be many things, but the warm ambience of Spanish life in this city that challenges its visitors with something different without critiquing. 

Those of us able to generate ideas and alternative possibilities will find Granada both entertaining and able to add value to the communications we have with others. As the day transitions into night, the bright sunshine on city walls transforms into a glowing warmth.

Shadows of the evening light casts its patterns along walkways, now filled with tables and chairs to welcome the evening crowds and Andalusian sounds.

High above the city hustlers, Sacromonte displays its whitewashed caves dug into the side of Valpraiso hill. Here, house numbers are replaced with cave numbers and communities continue with culture and tradition that has been part of their heritage from the 15th century.

Alhambra fortress

Walk the hilly lanes and hear the acoustic sounds as preparations are made for an evening of flamenco. With complex chords overheard from the popular Manuel Bellido guitars, even the novice can be captivated by its natural beauty and mediating sounds.

And what makes it most surreal is that it is real. This is no tourist setup, no evening arranged for those passing through. This is Spanish and Islamic heritage woven together by its sights and sounds. It is simply beautiful and has a curious charm that fascinates with minimal effort. 

Away from Granada city and Sacromonte life is Sierra Nevada, with its highest mountain point of continental Spain. A short taxi ride will transform you again as you are greeted to the sights and sounds and the bravest of all mountaineers, the mountain goats of Spain.

The impressive and panoramic scenery is a challenge to capture by even the most experienced photographer. It is simply a moment to take in person, as you clamber up and along the stony and rugged pathways with dramatic sights made more impressive by sounds of bells as large groups of goats, also known as the Ibex, make their way without hesitation.

street in granada

These shy mountain goats are the gate keepers to the rocky pathways and passages that trek the Sierra Nevada. 

The smell of juniper, rosemary and lavender wakens the senses and as you climb higher in altitude, plants become more intriguing with small prickly shrubs and flowers and the Scots Pine producing its hand size pinecone, which has since become a unique souvenir for a Christmas display. Star rating for this visit – 5 out of 5.

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