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Most folks would say New York is a city within a city of neighborhoods. Each has its personality and charm; to say New York is a city like no other would be an understatement. On the other hand, Atlanta is a city that differs in its personality. At least, that’s how those who are from here would describe themselves. With their personality. Atlanteans or locals and charm. Locals define themselves while visitors say it’s different from most metropolis cities.

Here are the MUST sees

Little Five Points is the place for live music, old-fashioned clothes, and record stores. East Atlanta Village is the place to go if you’re looking for café food and street art. In other neighborhoods, Castleberry Hill is all chic. For bars and restaurants, Midtown is where you want to be. Yearning for that ole southern charm, for homes, then Virginia Highlands is where you need to look, and getting around to all the different neighborhoods is a breeze; you have a series of walking trails and trams that can connect 45 other communities. 

In case you didn’t know, Atlanta is the home of the Civil Rights Movement and where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was born. 

Your first stop in this fantastic city should be the National Centre of Civil and Human Rights which includes a timeline of the movement. You can also observe Dr. King’s papers and a replica of a lunch counter similar to where black students staged sit-ins.  

Head to the Sweet Auburn district to see where Martin Luther King grew up. This now historic site includes a 35-acre visitor’s center, a museum, and a firehouse containing an exhibit on the desegregation of the Atlanta fire department.

For true Atlanta tradition, Dine and drink at a patio, enjoy the outdoors – rooftop, sidewalk, or basically, anywhere you can set up a table. They’re excellent places to hang out and enjoy a nice meal while sipping your favorite cocktail.  

Suppose one thing is true about the south, that delicious famous southern food. You will find something you like from pizza, burgers, barbecue, oyster bars, and steakhouses. 

Best known for the urban sprawl, Atlanta is full of gardens and parks where you can unwind while taking a public performance or cool down for fun in the summer. One of the city’s oldest parks is Grant Park, on the historic Eastside and surrounded by some of the most lavish Victorian homes. In Piedmont Park, you will find everything you want from an urban park, including taking a splash in the free public pool during those hot scorching days.

If sophistication is what you’re looking for, Freedom Park has outdoor artwork and sculptures with political themes. 

Those who have Netflix may hear of Stranger Things, and if you happen to be a fan of this hit series, you may see some familiar areas since filming is here. 

 Jackson provides the setting in the fictional city of Indiana.  Beyond Stranger Things, Atlanta pulls in other high-end productions. Scenes from Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Anchorman 2, The Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead were all filmed across the city.

From numerous series and movies filmed here, Atlanta is also home to a major studio.  Tyler Perry studios acquired 2006 by Tyler Perry himself, the studio sits on a 330 acre in the heart of Atlanta.   It is the largest in Georgia, and in terms of acres the largest in Los Angeles.   What makes this special is this was acquired by Mr. Perry himself, he didn’t have major backers behind him as others do. 

Atlanta is also home to a major studio from numerous series and movies filmed here. Tyler Perry Studios was acquired in 2006 by Tyler Perry himself; the studio sits on a 330-acre in the heart of Atlanta.   It is the largest in Georgia and, in terms of acres, the largest in Los Angeles.   What makes this special is it was acquired by Mr. Perry himself; he didn’t have significant backers behind him as others do. 

 To say Atlanta is unique is an understatement; from the entertainment world, civil rights, neighborhoods, and food, it’s not just the growing city of the south. This city continues to surpass in every category there is. Perhaps the only drawback is the location and the negativity of the south. However, I do believe that with its ever-growing population, that will also become a thing of the past.


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