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Hawaii undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful islands, and yes, it belongs to the United States.

As you may not know, Hawaii consists of eight different islands. Some are more developed and famous than others. Most people who think of Hawaii think of Honolulu, respectively, so it is one, if not the most visited city on the island of Oahu. Of the eight islands that make up Hawaii, we can think of three off-hand.

Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island. Oahu and Maui are the most visited.

 While they are the most visited and famous, what most people may not know is, The Big Island (the island known as Hawaii) is the largest of all the other islands. 

Being the largest, some may wonder why it’s not as popular as the others. However, this island may be the best-kept secret.

As the largest, is it worth a visit? It is for peace and tranquility, nature, beaches, and atmosphere!

 This island may not have the glamour or the skyscrapers like most metropolis cities; it has everything else and more.   Hilo is the largest settlement on the Big Island and has significant tourism, although it is not as much as you will find on the island’s western side. You will discover significantly cooler weather, more rainfall, and less sunny, mainly because it’s in the mountains. You will see some of the most magnificent sites, waterfalls, volcanos (Active), beaches, and sugar plantations; it is also home to the Tsunami Museum. Perhaps one of the most amazing things to see is the Black Sand Beach (it’s black sand) located at Punalu Beach. There’s also Green Sand Beach. Downtown you have shopping centers, eateries, cafes, theatres, hotels, restaurants, and a Farmer’s Market.

Kona/Kailua – is located on the island’s western side; like night and day, some may describe the difference between the two. Kona has more of a touristy feel. The main street is Ali I drive, situated on the coastal road and faces the Bay of Kailua. You can also see cruise ships docked there. The weather here is sunnier and significantly warmer.   Although there’s a rainy season, the sun is back after an hour or two; you won’t find a washout or all-day rain.    Unlike Hilo, Kona has resorts, more swimmable beaches, restaurants/bars, water sports, activities, a variety of shops, and a Farmer’s market. 

Kona being more on the tourist side is more expensive than Hilo. However, both are worth a visit, and you can have a great time at either place.   The Big Island is full of tranquility, gorgeous scenery, activities, relaxation, and tourism. It’s what we look for in a vacation.

Oahu is known for the infamous Waikiki Beach and the big waves, and Maui for the most beautiful beaches.

Hawaii is the number one vacation spot; on the Big Island, you can experience the best of Oahu and Maui, which is worth visiting. But, who knows, you may end up loving it and making it your return spot.

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