Westhills Coastal Cottage, Lydstep, Tenby

Don’t know about you, but the last few years have persuaded me that when it comes to holidays, there’s no need to leave this green and pleasant island of ours.

There are so many quiet corners and sweet spots worth exploring right here. So why go anywhere else on earth?

lydstep headland

Of course, it’s easy to say that sort of thing in the Summer time, when we can head to the British seaside for a health boosting dose of sun, sea and sand. All washed down by lashings of local ice cream.

But when the days are short, the evenings long and the weather grim as mud, it’s very tempting to make excuses, dig out the passport, then head overseas in search of warmer climes and maybe even, different sorts of sorbet. Mmm.

Either way, to test the above theory, I recently decided to spend a holiday by the British seaside in the very depths of Winter.

beach at Lydstep

To see how it feels to be beside the sea when the wind blows, the rain falls sideways and storms are about the only visitors in town. 

After a spot of research, I came across a company called, Coastal Cottages, who, as the name suggests, specialise in cottages close to the coast.

westhills exterior

They helped me find a delightful place  snuggled down in the picturesque patchwork of Pembrokeshire, just outside Tenby. A mere stones throw from the sea. 

Must admit, things did not go entirely the way I expected. 

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