A Walk To Agglestone Rock, Dorset

A big lone rock, perched on top of a conical hill in Purbeck, Dorset. Agglestone Rock, also known as The Devil’s Anvil, is a mesmerising and intriguing landmark, sight to see and place to visit.

You can come to this lone rock not just for the landmark but also for the views. From here you get to see a lot of what Purbeck has to offer: sea views over Studland Bay and across to Poole, but also the open heather filled moors and across to the forests.

I was staying at Burnbake Forest Lodges and there is a glorious scenic walk over Godlingston Heath to Agglestone Rock straight from the campsite. Or there is the option to take a shorter route straight up from the village of Studland.

dog posing at agglestone rock

There is much curiosity in not just how it got there but the myths and legends of days gone by.

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