Baja California Pronghorn, Mexico | BaldHiker

On a trip to Baja California, Mexico, my plans to go out on a small boat were stymied by blustery winds. As usual, making changes thanks to the weather can bring unexpected adventures, and that was exactly what happened on this day.

While initially disappointed, I found myself on a fascinating visit to the Peninsular Pronghorn Recovery Program, just north of the town of Guerrero Negro, in the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico. 

I was familiar with pronghorn antelope from the western United States, but I did not know that another subspecies of pronghorn, the Peninsular, or also named the Baja California Pronghorn, is native to the Baja peninsula.

I also had no idea that there are four subspecies in total, including the Mexican, and the Oregon.  Serendipitous exploring is a great perk of traveling. There is so much to experience beyond my initial plans for any trip. 

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