The Full Monty Eggs Benedict

There’s nothing I love more for brunch or lunch than homemade Eggs Benedict. Yum. There’s definitely something so comforting about eggs and this recipe brings out the full flavour of the eggs and whilst filling, it’s a healthy option and can be served in so many ways that you can totally make it your own.

This recipe is for the full Monty Eggs Benedict but you can add or subtract ingredients so that you can get the perfect dish.

You can also easily make your own hollandaise sauce or buy a ready made one. My favourite ready made one to buy is Maille Hollandaise which is delicious and can be served warmed up or straight from the jar.

eggs benedict with ham

You can make this recipe Vegetarian by replacing the meat with salmon or a meat substitute or just having it with the avocado. 

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With the ingredients you can choose to have raw spinach or boiled. The tomatoes you can fry or have raw and you can heat the hollandaise or have it fresh out of the jar. You can use bacon or slices of ham or shredded ham and you can have fried eggs instead of poached if you prefer.

You use any kind of bread as a base too. It really is a dish you can play around with and make it exactly how you would like it. 

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