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Causes and types of family problems and their solutions

The family is the basic cell in building a healthy society. This cell exposes this cell to problems without solving them or knowing how to deal with them that may negatively affect all family members, especially children, and adolescents. Therefore, maintaining an interconnected family is essential, so what are the problems that the family may face?

Most common family problems?

Family problems are disturbances in the relationship between family members with each other, or problems experienced by one of the individuals and have an impact on the rest of the family members, often resulting from various external life pressures such as social and economic pressures or internal pressures, and the term family problems often include problems related to the family Small, including marital and educational problems.

These problems may be basic, such as specific or cumulative situations, often resulting from individuals not understanding each other’s opinions and desires, and they may negatively affect the behavior of family members from different aspects and may develop into disagreements or an increase in tension between spouses or between one of them. Parents and children, which can cause a loss of respect between members of the same family.

The development of family problems without knowing their causes and treatment can cause the destruction of the family structure as a whole the most affected by these problems are children and adolescents, as a result of this critical stage in the formation of the children’s personality, it is the stage in which they need the existence of a stable, understanding family free of disturbances.

Types of family problems

There are many factors that may cause an increase in family problems, and these problems also differ, as each family has its own problems and issues. Among the most common family problems that the family may face are:

  • Social family problems: Social changes have a major role in family problems. For example, the separation of spouses or the second marriage causes the disintegration of the family and affects the psyche and behavior of the children.
  • Psychological and emotional problems in the family: The nature of the emotional relationship between family members and the feelings they have for each other directly affect the stability of the family and the happiness of its members and their relationships with each other. The life of the family and all its members.
  • Also, the difficult nature of the father’s work that keeps him away from his family for a long time also has an impact on his relationship with his wife and children, in addition to the fact that wrong education can spread feelings of jealousy and hatred between brothers, and all of this will inevitably have a negative impact on the life of the family as a whole.
  • Cultural family problems: Cultural problems appear in the family if the spouses are from a different religious or ethnic cultural environment or a different social class and this difference is reflected in daily life, as these problems appear in raising children, so the spouses must deal with this difference with maturity and caution to build a family independent and interconnected.
  • Health problems: such as the presence of a chronic illness in the family that may lead to an increase in psychological and material pressures, which causes a change in the behavior of family members, such as the injury of one of its members with a disease or a disability that leads to great effects and from different aspects on the nature of the family, such as the father being sick and unable to work or the mother sick And she is unable to take care of the children and manage the affairs of the house, or one of the children is sick and needs a great deal of treatment, so the spouses must be patient to alleviate these pressures and their effects on the rest of the individuals.
  • Economic problems: the deterioration of the living situation and unemployment that a man or any member of the family may suffer from may lead to family problems, especially if the man is unable to secure the basic family needs, such as the inability to provide a suitable home for the family housing or the inability to afford education costs boys.


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