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How can talent be acquired for people? By exercise or by divine grace?

Talent and acquiring talent have always constituted a great crisis for those interested in analyzing the matter, especially as they see paranormal things from humans, but on the other hand, when you look, for example, at the beginnings of artists, you will find a passion since childhood for the thing they love, and there remains paranormal, for example, like someone who had another passion in his childhood And when he grew up, his other passion took him to faraway regions completely, so how can we solve this problem?

Meaning if I wanted my son to become a painter? Do I bring him brushes and paints all the time and force him to paint constantly? Or that even if I tried to keep him away from painting, he would still have the talent too? Perhaps we will discuss this subject at length in the following lines before we first ask about what talent is and how we can define it.

Define talent

Before we talk about the definition of talent, we have to know talent. The word “gift” is a divine gift as a gift, which is an unjustified giving, not as a way of repaying debt or lending, but rather an absolute grant without a reason for entitlement, and the same wording proves that talent is a divine gift and perhaps the Arabs also saw it The ancients called it this name, and the summary of what scholars said about talent is that it is an innate ability in a person that gives him a skill towards a certain field or a certain aspect of a particular field and makes him skilled in it and is supernaturally distinguished.

The importance of talent

Talent is of great importance, whether it is personal to the person or social in the sense that its impact appears on the person or on his society itself. The personal importance is manifested in the person having something that he can do skillfully and at the same time he enjoys practicing it. He is good in the accounting department of a large company, but he does not enjoy this work and therefore is only interested in finishing his work, unlike a person who is passionate about work and who wins the happiness of work and life.

As for the social aspect, the importance of acquiring talent in it is in the presence of people who are passionate about what they work to the point of discovering new ways to do things easily or doing things in a new and impressive way that provides new benefits and pleasures for individuals, unlike a person who performs a task only, he does not care about creativity or creating new ways, but A talented person is someone who is so passionate about his talent that he likes to take it to other dimensions that benefit his community and those around him.

Were it not for talent, we would not have smartphones in our hands now, we would not use computers or drive cars, and we would not have read anything like the epic of Naguib Mahfouz’s Harafish, nor would we listen to Beethoven’s pieces, nor enjoy Michelangelo’s murals, nor would we be inspired by Shakespeare’s plays.

Signs of talent

  • When the great musician Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab was asked why he composed, he answered with an eloquent, brief, clear and decisive answer, as he said, “Because I do not feel the desire for anything else, one of the signs of acquiring talent or its presence within you by any means is that you do not feel the desire to do anything but this, that is all. The thing is, when you find that there is an impulse that takes you against your will to do this thing, it means that you have a talent.
  • When you find yourself enjoying doing something, it means that you have the talent or that the attempts to acquire the talent have succeeded (we do not want to cut one opinion and overrule the other). And when the writer writes his novel, he may fully take in and unite with its characters and events, and when the player plays his sport, he does not see others, and this is the highest degree of fun, so the practice of talent is not the practice of learning, in the talent to enjoy, when you learn something, you find it very difficult to enter information into your head Because it is unfamiliar to you.
  • When you do something easily, either after consciously acquiring the talent or suddenly discovering it in you, it means that you have a talent, it’s exactly like riding a bicycle, who is not good at riding a bicycle will see you charming because you can keep your balance on two thin wheels like this and speed it or ride with one hand Or even without holding the leash from its origin while you see it is very simple and do it without any effort or difficulty, this is the difference between those who have talent and those who do not have it.
  • Of course, this point is not essential, but it is necessary, but talent needs an audience, people who compliment you, pay attention to you, consume your art or creative work, appreciate it, and evaluate it positively because this always means that you have succeeded to a large extent in drawing attention to you as a new talent on the scene, of course, it does not mean You should receive constant appreciation from all people, but at least people encourage you and pay attention to your talent. This sometimes makes you believe that you are really talented.


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