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How do I cause harm to those close to us by behavior without knowing it?

Abuse of loved ones occurs through a variety of actions, we will talk about them in detail, but the most important thing is that we are not aware of the harm we are doing, that is the core of the problem, and you may have heard one of them talking with great sadness about what another did to him.

And I remembered that you are doing this towards those close to you, and of course you did not mean to harm those close to you with these actions, and all there is is that you do not know the extent of the harm you cause them with some actions, and then you rethink about it, and perhaps you will hold yourself accountable harshly for those actions.

Perhaps they will help you understand the reasons for leaving Some about you or the failure of some of your relationships, and the truth is that hurting those close to you is not easy.

Especially because they are close to you, they are the beloved, wife, family, sons and friends, they are the ones who are waiting for all the support and love from you, and when you hurt them, the shock multiplies their pain, and unfortunately, not everyone will tell you the results of your actions, and your lack of knowledge of the size of the harm you make does not satisfactory for you, only your desire accompanies you. By reading this article, I will tell you and help you avoid it.

Unintentionally harming loved ones

When talking about hurting loved ones, you might think of betrayal or insult, violence and quarrels, and you might think that you didn’t hurt your family just because you didn’t do those things, but things don’t work that way, my dear, cheating on a wife is a harmful act of course, but you know this.

And most of the time you don’t. Those major crimes are of an exceptional nature in general, but there are many images of harm to loved ones that are done unintentionally, as most people are not good at expressing feelings.

The harm does not boil down to big, obvious things, a sarcastic word you say unintentionally may hurt those close to you severely, your little son may be hurt by a simple word you say to him repeatedly, a friend’s heart may break because of a passing joke about his appearance or weight gain.

Failure to act sometimes causes harm, such as waiting for your wife to support you in a problem and not doing, or your friend needs you and does not find you, because most harm is unintended.

Hurting loved ones is not just physical

You may ask a friend about harming those close to his children, and he will answer you that he does not hit them. The majority reduce harm to those close to everything that is explicit physical violence, which is a wrong belief. In the previous paragraph, we talked about harming those close to us unintentionally. Of course not, but most of the harm is not physical, and this is the most dangerous type of harm to loved ones.

Words leave a more painful effect than bruises, and violence is not only physical in general. There is the most painful and dangerous moral violence, and it is represented in all forms of vitriolic words, heavy jokes, ridicule, reprimand, insult and constant criticism.

When you call your son or friend the fat or loser, you are harmful to them, and so with your wife and parents, the matter is very dangerous and greater than our perceptions, and we will explain the most important examples of harm to close people without knowledge in the following paragraphs.

Abuse of close people in romantic relationships

Emotional relationships are of a special nature, they are the longest and closest relationship for everyone, most of the time is what we spend with the girlfriend or wife.

Therefore, harm to close people is more common with the beloved or wife, due to the constant contact and permanent proximity. Dealing in those special relationships is not deliberate or planned, in most cases we act on our nature and spontaneously, and here many sins and mistakes result, they may cause harm to your wife Without knowing it, she usually waits for you to find out what upset her because of the strength of the relationship.

And you may harm her in several ways, just because you do not know what these actions represent to her, and in the following lines we will give you the most prominent examples of harming close people in emotional relationships. The most important is their loss.



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