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How do you make your husband quit smoking?

Here are the tips

We received a question in “Halloha” from a wife who inquires about the best ways to help her husband quit smoking, a question that comes to the minds of many wives because of the negative effects of smoking on the health of the smoking husband himself and his family and everyone around him as well, so how can the wife help her husband to quit smoking?

Here is How do you make your husband quit smoking?

Because the wife is the husband’s partner in everything and she must always stand with him and help him in the matters that benefit him and the family as a whole with goodness and benefit, you have to help your smoking husband to quit smoking, and try with him over and over again until you succeed.

Here is how can you help your husband to quit smoking?

  • Ask him about the reason for smoking: Knowing the reason is always half the solution. Ask your husband about the reason why he smokes even though he knows that smoking is a waste of health, time, money, and relationships, and try to deal with this particular reason; If the reason is that all his friends smoke, that is, he smokes socially, try to convince him to disagree and encourage him to be the reason for persuading them, or at least one of them, to quit smoking with him in order to preserve his health and his family, and indirectly strengthen his self-confidence; He may be weak and derive his confidence from the support of his friends.
  • Discuss with him the negatives of smoking: in terms of its health and social negatives, the effect of smoking on others’ perceptions of it, and even the effects of smoking on the economic situation of the family.
  • Know its keys and use them: It is true that the negative effects of smoking are clear and known to the majority, but they are not taken seriously by many, because it is our nature as human beings to feel that evil is far from us and to imitate others with something even if it is not useful. Make him aware of the seriousness of the matter using his keys that you know; If his children are his weak point, focus on the effect of smoking on children and how it harms their health and creates individual smokers following their example.
  • Start with it gradually: a person needs at least 21 days to get rid of any habit, or to develop a new habit. You can gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked; If he smokes 20 cigarettes a day, reduce two cigarettes a day until you pray with him to stop smoking completely.
  • Choose the right time: It is not appropriate to choose a time when your husband is busy outside the house and out of your sight, or suffers from stress, for example.
  • Get used to another habit: it is difficult for a person to get rid of habits, but he can make other habits replace them. For example, he should keep some healthy nuts in his pocket and eat them whenever he feels the urge to smoke. If he resorts to smoking to get rid of stress, teach him slow breathing, relaxation and other useful ways to get rid of stress.
  • Make smoking more difficult for him: any bad habit you would like to leave, or help someone to quit, you have to make it difficult for him. As for smoking, here are the ways:
    • Avoid smoking in the house: in this way, he will find it difficult to go out of the house to the garden or balcony or even to another place outside the house to smoke whenever he wants, especially in cold days and when he is busy, and he will reduce smoking gradually or may cut it completely without feeling.
    • Get rid of the ashtrays: he will find it difficult to get an ashtray to smoke, and the presence of ashtrays in front of him will encourage him to smoke more.
    • Let him do something he hates for every cigarette he smokes: If he hates teaching the kids, for example, have him teach them every time he smokes an extra cigarette or doesn’t stick to the smoking cessation routine. Or make an agreement with him to wash the dishes, or ask him to put in a piggy bank a specified amount of money every time he does not comply with it.
    • Go together to places where smoking is prohibited: try to choose these places so that he is not encouraged to smoke


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