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How do previous experiences contribute to increasing self-confidence?

Throughout history, many wise people and those with life experience confirm that past experiences are one of the things that help a person gain increased confidence in himself and in his abilities; This is because previous experiences, whether positive or negative, teach a person a lot, and therefore he will not repeat his mistake if the experience was negative or repeat what he did if the experience was positive, then we can help ourselves with more confidence and ability to deal with future matters.

By taking into account what happens in our lives, and not letting it go unnoticed without being well aware of it, without paying attention to it, and without taking experience and cues from it that increase our experience and confidence, but also affect many of the next steps and decisions we take.

There is a strong relationship between past experiences and increased self-confidence, and I will illustrate this with a very simple example:

When you experience a type of failure caused by default and it is a negative attitude to you, do you think that this situation passes without leaving a significant impact on you?

Of course not, this cannot happen, but this situation will be a great lesson for you that teaches you not to fall short in your work so as not to fail and lose your prestige among your peers or among your family, and therefore your experience and the lesson you learned from this situation will later enhance your confidence in yourself, through Realizing your mistakes and avoiding them, thus succeeding in the next task and leaving the negatives that you were doing.

This situation is one of the simple situations that may pass us during the day, so we measure against it a lot of situations and many failures that we are exposed to from time to time, which implants within us a great experience, but we grow with it and our mind and way of thinking grow as well, and thus previous experiences have a strong relationship With self-confidence and increasing it.

You should never ignore the situations that are going through you, rather you should remember them well, but remember the useful ones, and remember the positive side that pushes you to progress, and not the negative side that may destroy your morale and delay your progress, and this is what we neither desire nor try.

Previous Work

Previous experiences in all walks of life contribute a lot to your acceptance in many jobs and businesses. Have you ever made a CV? If your answer is yes, then you should be aware that there is a basic corner in the CV called previous experiences or experiences in general.

This corner writes all the work you did previously, and all the previous experiences that you gained through the work you performed in your life, Experience is not only for situations or life experiences, but also experience in the field of work, and we all know that people who have a lot of previous experiences have priority to get a job opportunity over a person who does not have many previous experiences.

And of course, at the beginning of your life journey in the search for a job or work anywhere; Whether in a company, institution, office, or even in a commercial store, the first questions that are asked of you are what are your previous experiences?

How did you benefit from it? Thus, the more previous experiences you have, the greater your self-confidence, and the greater the chance of getting work in the field in which you are applying. Reaching the goal you want, which you have always dreamed of and sought to achieve throughout your life, you will get it through the experience gained at the present time, which will later be a previous experience that supports you and strengthens you in practical life.

How to get experience

If you are asking about obtaining experience to deal in daily life or public life, this will not be able to learn between day and night, unless you take multiple courses in human development, learn body language, study psychology, and study areas that give you many experiences to deal With the people and those around you, and therefore with the passage of time you will have gained previous experiences that will facilitate everything that will come to you, but if you are asking about obtaining experience in the field of work, this is very easy, even if you are still studying, you can also obtain experience;



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