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Dealing with Indian food during your visit to the country?

Perhaps India is considered one of the most active tourist destinations at the present time. The reason is well known, which is that India is full of different civilizations, full of different cultures, and at the same time full of picturesque tourist places.

In your mind if you make this visit, it can be said that many people after visiting this country conclude that life there (for most people) revolves around three things:

eating good Indian food, worshiping God (they have many religions), and doing these two activities With the big family, if we go back to the first point which is the food, can you go to India and eat there simply? It can be bothering you later so here is a list of tips to help you stay healthy while enjoying the absolute comfort of eating Indian food.

Most of the Indians are vegetarians. Although some people eat chicken or fish, they rarely eat red meat. The Indians are distinguished by the use of spices. There are many dishes in our country that are of Indian origin and are very delicious.

Also, each city has its own unique style and unique dishes that you can explore and enjoy, but it is definitely wise to take precautions and know what the ingredients of the meal are before eating it, because the ingredients of some meals differ from what we know in our country, but the first advice necessary to follow which is the safest way to eat in India is Don’t eat from street vendors and only go to upscale restaurants that look clean, here we are talking about 4 or 5 star restaurants.

Don’t forget to take probiotics and charcoal to your rescue after eating Indian food

Probiotics simply work to promote the good bacteria in your stomach, improve digestion and increase natural immunity, which is why it is preferable and before you eat them in addition to adding them to your list there, in any case they are very beneficial for the health of the digestive system and you can find them in yogurt for example or fermented milk Charcoal tablets are an incredibly effective way to stop diarrhea and prevent dysentery.

As it quickly absorbs toxins or pathogens that are causing the problem and keeps you strong.

Only eat cooked Indian food and avoid salads or juices

Cooking kills most bacteria and amoeba, so even if you find fresh juice tempting, or salad or a fruit plate, even in 5 star hotels do not eat it, you only have to eat freshly cooked food from a well-known restaurant as we said 4 or 5 stars.

Avoid fatty foods

It is easy to eat delicious foods, we love delicious things and do not think about their consequences at the moment of eating them, so I advise not to overeat Indian food because it is the first cause of any problem in the digestive process when visiting India, and as simple as this rule is, not following it will lead to dire results, Indian foods in many of them are close to our foods, especially sweets because they do not include milk, sugar, and sometimes honey. The demand for these fatty foods will make you later go to the toilet to vomit or to the hospital.



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