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How do you enjoy a trip to Poland and what are the most important tourist attractions in Poland?

Poland occupies the seventeenth place on the list of the most visited countries in the world, as it attracts tourists annually, and is visited by nearly 14 million tourists every year.

The great turnout of tourists, especially after Poland joined the European Union, and Poland is famous for a distinguished group of beautiful tourist cities such as “Warsaw”, “Krakow” and “Torun” and many other cities, and these cities are full of various tourist places that visitors love from views Stunning nature and places that tell the history of Poland and represent its cultures. Tourism in Poland is fairly cheap.

It cannot be compared, for example, to any other European country such as France or Germany. The location of Poland is very special as it is located in the center of Europe and surrounded by about 7 European countries. The people of Poland are distinguished He welcomes all the guests and entrants to his country from all over the world.

Poland visa requirements

Poland is one of the European countries that follow the Schengen system for visa work, and the Schengen system is one of the most famous agreements between most European countries, which allows entry to any country joined to this agreement after obtaining a Schengen visa, as you will not have to obtain a visa for each country, you can with this The visa is to travel to any European country at any time and without any obstacles, including Poland, so if you have a Schengen visa, you will not need anything else, but if you want to obtain this visa for tourism in Poland, the most important requirements for this visa are as follows:

  • Application form: You fill out the visa application form without any errors and with correct information, and the information and data must be entered in English, and it must be signed by the applicant.
  • Passport: You need to have your own passport, which is required to be valid for at least 3 months from the time of your departure from Poland or any Schengen country.
  • Personal photos: Two recent photos of the same size as the photos used in the passport are to be attached. These photos are required to have a white background that shows the face completely.
  • Tickets: You must submit a copy of the proof of flight reservation, where you provide a copy of the airline tickets you have booked, whether the outbound or return trip, in addition to the proof of the hotel reservation.
  • Medical insurance: You must provide evidence that there is enough medical insurance to cover your need for the duration of your stay in Poland or any Schengen country, as it is valid for all countries within this agreement.

The climate in Poland and the best time to visit it

Tourism in Poland is famous for being cheap compared to the rest of the European countries, which makes it a great demand for tourists and visitors from all over the world, so you should take advantage of this low cost and learn about the most important ways to reduce the cost in order to enjoy more while you are in Poland.

For example, when you move between Poland or within the cities of Poland, you can use buses, where they have different lines and local trips that are even cheaper than trains, and “Polski” buses are famous for providing great offers in addition to the possibility of using them to reach a neighboring country to Poland, and in general, you will find transport companies and buses competing In order to offer offers and discounts, try to search for them and book.

Also, the tram is an available and cheap option for transportation in Poland, especially between major cities there. In order to reduce the cost of your transportation in Poland, we recommend that you use bicycles if possible, instead of buying bus tickets or Trains You can rent a bike and make your own rides and transfers with complete freedom.

In general, the prices for restaurants in Poland are not much lower than in European countries, but you can look for Polish cafeterias, which are famous for providing low-cost meals and foods.

Poland restaurants Are prepared to pay large sums for your meals, also you can use local stores and shopping centers and buy all you need from bread, frozen meat, and various dairy products, in addition to many local Polish products available at low prices, and as for residency in Poland.

Which is considered one of the basic things Which concerns the visitor, you can search for suitable offers for you in order to reserve a private room for some days, and of course, not a room in a 5-star hotel where it will cost a huge budget, but there are good opportunities such as “youth hostels” and rooms that are rented in rural areas are all things.



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