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How do you enjoy a trip to the Netherlands and what are the most important tourist attractions in the Netherlands?

Tourism in the Netherlands is one of the beautiful experiences that you must experience, and it is a tourist destination characterized by a wonderful atmosphere and a good climate most times of the year, as well as the distinctive tourist attractions that it is famous for around the world.

There are many attractions and activities that are suitable for families and children, and despite the popularity of tourism in the Netherlands as being high, in this topic, we will help you reduce your budget for travel and living in it. In order to choose from these attractions what suits your taste to make a special tourist program to the Netherlands and enjoy your time while you are there.

How to get a visa to travel to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the member states of the European Union, which makes its visa a “Schengen” visa, and you can obtain this visa from the Dutch embassy in your country.

It is a visa that you can not only travel to the Netherlands, but also to any of the European Union countries participating in the agreement Schengen”, and there are some Arab countries, especially from the Gulf countries, who can travel to the Netherlands without a visa.

A set of papers and documents are also submitted, such as the reservations you made, such as hotel reservations and airline tickets, and a bank statement for 6 months, and a personal photo with a white background, and also a passport must be submitted. Travel, and it is required that it have two blank pages, and a copy of the residence permit if you are not in your country.

The cost of tourism in the Netherlands and tips to reduce it

Do not expect that tourism in the Netherlands will be cheap. The Netherlands has many tourist components that make it an ideal destination for those wishing to travel and spend some days in order to enjoy and relax.

It is worth noting that the Netherlands is among the 10 most expensive countries in the world in terms of cost Tourism and living in it, and the Netherlands is known to have purchasing power for the local currency there, and the cost of tourism in the Netherlands depends on many things, starting with the prices of airline tickets to it and the prices of hotels and accommodation, in addition to the cost of transportation, whether public or even taxis.

And you must be sure that Your trip program and your tourist plan in the Netherlands is a big factor in determining the cost of tourism, and even the date of travel will affect your budget. Below, we will roughly explain the cost of tourism in the Netherlands.

The cost of airline tickets to travel to the Netherlands

Accommodation is one of the important arrangements that must be taken into account, and we advise that you book your accommodation before you reach your destination, do not make it random and choose your hotel and complete the reservation before traveling.

That the price reaches approximately 45 dollars, which is considered one of the economic accommodation options. As for one-star hotels, their prices can reach 74 dollars, and if you want a two-star hotel, the cost will be approximately 81 dollars, but if the hotel is a 3-star hotel, the prices may reach 90 dollars, To increase the price more in 4-star hotels, where it reaches 113 dollars, while the prices of 5-star hotels in the Netherlands may reach 252 dollars, so the cost of tourism in the Netherlands can range between 80 and 170 euros, and the “Banks Mansion” hotel is The Hotel de Paris is a low-cost accommodation option.

The cost of food in the Netherlands

You will need to put food in your budget list, and you should know that buying your supplies from any supermarket near you and preparing your own



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