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How do you know that you are unwanted person in the current relationship?

No one likes to be unwanted in any relationship, as this situation is accompanied by a feeling of rejection, which is the most cruel feeling ever, but like any other fact, it is inevitable to face it in the end, and if you are an unwanted person, it is best for you to know that, As knowledge enables you to act well.

Or it gives you the opportunity to leave properly, so knowledge saves you the rest of the face, and this applies to all forms of relationships, whether emotional or otherwise, as it can occur in friendship, study and work, and in all cases, you must monitor the changes so that you know You are not wanted as soon as this happens.

In this article, we will talk about the most important signs that others do not want to continue their relationship with you, and we will explain to you how you can act smartly, and we will talk about a safe exit that maintains respect and friendliness despite the end of relationships, so read with me focus.

I feel unwanted

Feeling that you are an undesirable person is the first step in the right behavior. You should never ignore this feeling, even if you do not find evidence of it. Rather, I will not exaggerate if you emphasize its importance despite the denial of this by others, because you will not create this painful feeling for yourself.

No matter how sensitive you are, you will not fabricate these matters with those you love from friends or in love relationships, and there is certainly a reason for this feeling, and unfortunately not everyone expresses their feelings sincerely, your love may end from the heart of one of them and she does not tell you that.

Also, someone’s desire to continue your friendship may vanish without disclosing it, as if this matter does not belong to you exactly as it belongs to them, and it is a selfish act in fact, but that is life, my dear, so you have to stand as soon as you feel it, and I will tell you in the rest of the article what You look for it to make sure you feel, and what you will do to act.

Signs of being unwanted

Whether you feel unwanted or not, there are signs that help you be sure, there are signs that help you know the truth, without having to ask others, without having to embarrass them, most people will give diplomatic answers that lack clarity.

And this particular matter does not tolerate that fluidity and mystery, and no matter how incomprehensible those answers seem, their behavior tells you the truth, the truth is reflected in the behavior, and there are signs that you are an undesirable person as a lover, friend or colleague, we will talk about these signs in general with regard to all types of Relationships, and then come back to personalization later in this article.

Meditate on these signs and look for them in your relationships, but you must take into account the recurrence of these situations, and the combination of more than one sign at the same time. Circumstances and context are important elements, and it is not permissible to lose people easily.



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