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How do you master the art of preparing training to offer professional training to others?

Training preparation and preparation are key factors in your success in providing training to attendees. The planning stage is of great importance in my opinion, and no one can provide any training without preparing for it properly.

The question always remains how best to prepare for the training, and what should be done to prepare for it. In this article, we will try to answer these questions, and we will talk about some important things that you should do during preparation, as they are the key to success in providing you with good training. Let’s start together.

Find out information about the training

Before you start preparing the training content, you need to start gathering some important information about the training. It is not correct to start without knowing the information, especially when someone asks you to provide training to a group you do not know anything about, and it is a new experience for you.

The most important information that you need to know is the purposes for which the training will be carried out, and these goals must be prepared and written, and that you work to achieve them through the content of the training.

Often, the mistake of not realizing the purpose of the training occurs during the training preparation phase of the trainer, so the result is that he provides excellent training, but it is not in line with the main objectives required.

After that it is important to know the number of people in training, this will tell you the appropriate means to use, and also the training time available to you, so as not to prepare something more than the time allowed, of course, you have the right to request a specific time for your training.

And finally, to know the exact location of the training, because the location affects your method and the workshops if you want to implement some of them during the training.

training equipment

After you have collected information about the training, you are now able to prepare the training as required, and you have to realize that the preparation is divided into three important components: content, methods and techniques, and the entire training program.

These elements are either prepared together at the same time, so you find someone who puts part of the content, then the means and techniques for this part, and adds them in the training program. This issue continues to the end.

Or each component is prepared individually, starting from the content to its completion, then the means and techniques, and finally the development of the training program.

The order of these things depends on your personal desire, the important thing in preparing the training is the commitment to prepare these items.


The content is what the training is based on, and you have to pay close attention to it, have enough awareness to realize the desired need for this training, and then choose the appropriate content.

This, of course, comes from being aware of the goal of the training from the beginning, and thus developing content that aligns with these goals, and focuses on how to reach these goals as efficiently as possible.

Always try to break the content during training preparation into main elements, and then branch out from them. This helps you from an organizational point of view, and you can take advantage of it in the next step, as you prepare the tools and techniques.

Means and techniques

Depending on the content that you’ve broken down, you need to ask yourself an important question: What tools and techniques do I need for each element?

As we mentioned, it is important to be aware of the exact location of the training, because in the preparation of the training you may limit yourself to the use of certain videos, and then discover that the place does not have a display screen, so the quality of the training is jeopardized in this case.

Also, make sure that you have everything you need before training, for example, if you want to buy certain tools, do so early so that you do not wait for the last moments, and you are in a situation that you do not find what you want, so you have to modify the training.



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