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How do you understand the reality of feelings that another person has for you easily?

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Knowing the reality of feelings entails many things, there is no difference here between the reality of our feelings and the reality of feelings that anyone has for us, and life does not give us any opportunity for clarity or certainty, and questions multiply above our heads regarding the reality of our feelings for us, and this is related Only us, and there is no room here for equivocation or difficulties of expression.

You may ask yourself if you love that girl, or it can be summed up in admiration, and you may find it difficult to grasp the nature of love in the first place, and love may be similar to you with need, and whether you love one of them or you love An imaginary picture that you drop on her, and you may question your search within a girl for another that you loved in the past. These feelings are usually expressed by signs, and we will talk in this article about the nature of all kinds of feelings.

Knowing the truth of feelings

Knowing the true nature of feelings is necessary, it is not a luxury to search for that information, rather it is very important because of the steps that it entails.

Others have to deal with it, as there is no point in continuing to love those who have feelings of friendship for us only, and I mean emotional love that reaches link, as well as knowing the truth of the nature of our feelings, some actions, so we stop waiting or indulging in acting, Knowing the reality of our own feelings is easier compared to deducing the feelings of others.

The main rule for knowing the reality of the nature of feelings in others is neutrality, do not be biased in interpreting their actions based on your desires, do not be inclined to consider all their actions intimate loving only because you love them and want to exchange this feeling with you It is sufficient here to emphasize the importance of knowing the truth of feelings clearly, and then we will talk in detail about how to do that.

In order to understand the true nature of the feelings that another person has for us, we must understand some other things, and the first of these things is to understand the true nature of our own feelings and to be aware that everything has its time, and that we should not in any way anticipate events, for everything has its time.

It is unreasonable to raise the pyramid in one step. Realizing these facts helps us to deal calmly, so we do not tend to hasty interpretations without objectivity, and impartiality is the next step in knowing the reality of the feelings of others. It is reasonable to interpret a certain behavior as love and neglect to repeat it with others, and it should not be selectively dealt with the actions of others. To understand the implications of actions from his perspective, not ours, for those are his feelings.

We can summarize the journey of discovering the truth of the nature of feelings in some steps, during which we search for several clear things that confirm love.

When we love another person, we care about him in particular. We care about seeing him and communicating with him.

We take into account his feelings even in his absence. The first sign, and the second sign is jealousy of others, and there is no doubt that jealousy is a varying feeling among humans, but it is easy to notice the jealousy of a girl from your interest in another, and when you notice that jealousy, you see the second sign, and among the signs of love is also the desire for continuous communication and assistance, and repetition of praise for what you do Admiring the simplest of your details is also a sign of love, and finally the turn comes to asking and declaring feelings, for that is the reality of clear feelings.

How do I test my lover’s love?

Sometimes the facts are shaken in our eyes, and the reality of feelings becomes in need of reconsideration, and this happens even in clear love relationships.

After a period of attachment, emotional speech gradually decreases, so we become suspicious of others’ love for us, and we look for certainty in every action, so that we may feel sad for a slight change in some usual behaviors, and unfortunately the answers are not enough for us.

So the reality of feelings needs to be repeated Clarification, and in this case we can test the love of others by several steps, we must focus on serious matters instead of rhetorical expressions, we must pay attention to observing the extent of the lover standing next to us in times of adversity, so we can notice the beloved’s concern for us when we are sick, and we can notice love through the lover’s interest in us and help us On solving some problems, and then the truth of feelings and love appear in sincere actions.



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