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How does fear of public speaking occur and what are its main causes?

Between admiration and jealousy, and between fear and desire, feelings are when some see a person speaking in public without fear, especially those who are experienced and able to persuade. Sometimes he personally does not know what prevents him from doing this, especially with his desire for it.

Of course, public speaking is a skill and talent in the first degree, and only a few master it, but it is also an acquired skill that can be acquired and improved by hard work and research, but first it must be recognized On the real reasons that prevent him and that cause him to fear this matter.

In fact, every person who has spoken in public admits that he was afraid, and perhaps the most famous signs that indicate this fear are feeling fear in his stomach, unexplained sweating, rapid heart rate, and going to the toilet a lot, until he feels that his knees are betraying him or that he is He wishes the earth to actually swallow him.


Research and many studies have shown that people who are afraid of public speaking fear it more than they fear death itself. This is a strange and strange thing, and its causes should be known. The same research showed a list of ten reasons that justify this fear:

Fear of failing to speak in public

The main reason for this dilemma and the most widespread, of course, that what hinders a person from taking any action is failure, we hate failure by nature and we want to move quickly to success, let alone that this failure occurs in front of certain groups, and for this the person who suffers from this must think Carefully and decide to deal with his fear in a convincing and serious manner.


This reason may be one of the most harmful personal defects in a person. A person’s lack of faith in his ability to speak in public means that this cancer may transfer to many other personal traits and walks of life, thus turning his life into a permanent feeling of doubt.

Eliminating this obstacle must It is considered one of the priorities for every human being so that he can develop in life and not only in this regard. Many do not have the advantage of public speaking by birth, but of course the ability to acquire skill requires study and confrontation, and any person can do it.


Many may refrain from giving words and speaking in front of the public because they feel weak or helpless in front of those many eyes that will be directed at them, and with the security of this feeling, this feeling is not justified, but it is real. In some, it may even reach that many people in the street are watching it.

This illness reveals a weakness in the human personality and requires him to be able to deal with it. Of course, whoever attends any conference or meeting must focus his attention on the speaker, but this does not mean in any way to criticize him, it may be related to admiration.

personal disabilities

For example, a person who has been stung in the pronunciation of letters and words, or who has an apparent physical disability or deformity, especially those who suffer from these deformities in the face, they do not want to appear publicly in front of the audience because they mistakenly believe that they will laugh at them.

The fear of being judged is one of the reasons for the fear of public speaking

Are you afraid that others will judge you, if you don’t do anything, actually even if you don’t do anything, you will be criticized, that people pass judgments on others and criticize them no matter what they do, if they sit or move, if they speak or remain silent, fear is like There is no justification for these cases, but the opportunity for a person to prove his personality and abilities is lost based on a false belief.

Unreality (desire for perfection)

The idea is that some want to be nearer to perfection, and this quality that is impossible to achieve makes them unable to do any work but to remain still, simply because they do not wish to be commented on their actions negatively, regardless of the degree of negativity.

Not preparing well for the speech

This point has two aspects, the first is that he did not actually prepare well for the lecture or the speech, and therefore he feels powerless to do it. The second point is the unreal poetry of not preparing, for whatever studies, research and writing he does will reach the point where he always feels helpless or inferior.



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