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How to end a discussion when there is a clash of opinions and disagreements

One of the most important skills that people seek to develop themselves is the skill of ending discussion. This skill has now become very important due to the large number of opinions on the scene as a result of a large number of issues, and therefore discussions rage between the closest people, and it is likely that these opinions clash and disagreement.

This is the zero point, as they say, because when this point is reached, it becomes undesirable to continue the discussion and it must be avoided. This is not fear, but we can say that it is an injection of clash that no one knows where it can take us and how it will end.

Therefore, let us in the coming lines get to know the discussion together and how we can put an end to it, and we will address that through some instructions and guidelines, as we start with that quickly.

What is meant by discussion?

Before we get to know the way to end the discussion, we must first know what is meant by the discussion. It is not logical to inquire about the way something ends before you inquire about it.

The discussion is simply a lengthy talk related to an issue, and this talk in which each of the parties aims to come up with one important fact, which is that the opinion they say is undoubtedly correct.

The discussion may also be intended to convince others of the error of what they claim.

But this does not matter much in light of the existence of the first fact that the discussion must come out with in the eyes of each of the negotiating parties, the fact that what he believes in does not have any fault, whatever his justifications.

Discussion has nothing to do with dialogue and deliberation, as both actions now mentioned are less aggressive.

Usually, the parties to the dialogue or consultation are on good terms and want in the end to come up with something that is beneficial to them and to everyone.

This is in contrast to the disputants who, in the first place, want to prove everyone else wrong.

In general, at some point, the discussion enters the zero point and needs nothing but an end. When does it enter it?

discussion and zero area

Zone Zero in the debate comes when each of the negotiating parties loses their weapons, is rendered helpless in the strictest sense.

He does not have anything new to add to turn the table of this discussion.

It also ends and reaches the zero area also when each side closes its head and decides that no matter how much he listens to the opinions of the other party and his speech, he will not be convinced of what he says.

Often, each of the parties to the discussion enters this war looking for gains, and as it is clear that there are no gains expected, so the matter is completely finished, and is referred to the zero area in order to come up with an end that guarantees that there are no losses for both parties.

This is something no one will succeed at, as ending a discussion is an important skill that is just as important as starting a discussion in the first place.

Overall, the important question that won’t wait long to be asked is, how can we end that discussion in a good and professional way?



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