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How to remove obsession with comparison & live a normal life?

Comparing others is a recurring behavior in our daily lives. We all do this throughout our lives. That is our nature, and it will remain our nature as long as we do not live alone on separate islands. Man is a social being who loves to belong to groups and unite with them, and to ensure this harmony, man seeks what he has in common with these others.

He searches for the common side between them, and the motives for comparison with others vary and are numerous, some of which are good and noble, and some that are harmful and fatal.

It cannot be limited to comparing what you have of real estate, a car, and so on, with what others have around you. The matter is much more than that. Even the poorest societies are not devoid of comparisons, and comparison with others extends to comparing spouses.

It often causes hostility between brothers and friends, and in this article we will talk about comparing with others of its types, we will discuss its benefits and harms, and we will give you the perfect way to stop it when it turns into an obsessive complex, read with us carefully.

Reasons for comparing with others

The reasons for comparing others are the cornerstone in dealing with them, so they cannot be considered as absolutely beneficial or negatively harmful behavior. The desire for self-development is one of the good reasons for comparing others, when we compare our abilities, work and talents.

A good reason for comparison is to search for what unites us in humans. We all have a desire to break away from alienation and loneliness. You may even look for people who share your preference for a particular singer or writer, in that we find a feeling of intimacy, intimacy, and the warmth of groups.

Also, the reason for comparing with others may be the search for contentment and the appreciation of what we have, and the comparison with others turns into a curse when its causes change, and one of its harmful causes is hostile competition, and what is meant is comparison with others that leads to people’s evaluation and ranking, so we think that whoever has a certain thing is the best and vice versa. Self-flagellation is also a bad reason.

Comparison knot with others

We talked about the reasons for comparing with others, and we discussed how they range from beneficial positive reasons to negative destructive ones, and it happens that comparison with others turns into a kind of obsession, and then it becomes a complex for some.

And it is difficult to get rid of them, as comparison with others is not for them a passing procedure, but rather it becomes a recurring daily habit, and they practice it in the most trivial aspects of life, and you find them comparing themselves to others in every big and small, and worse than that is their inability to refrain from those comparisons, so they become captives with time. Comparing others, and knowing the harms of this does not help them to stop it.

They feel bad about themselves after comparing with others, and they continue to do so indefinitely, and the effect of the comparison complex with others is doubled when its causes are negative. And learning, while the complex of negative comparison with others only costs to cry, the person continues to compare himself to others sad and stifled.

Comparison Cons

The negatives of comparing with others are many, and they are more common than the positives, despite the ease of benefiting from them, but what is actually happening is the prevalence of comparison with others in negative aspects, so we dedicate this paragraph to talking about the negatives.

Perhaps you notice how comparison with others spreads for menial reasons, so it happens that you see jealousy in the eyes of some colleagues as they intrude on your life, so they ask you about your monthly income and possessions, and perhaps they ask about the extent of your happiness in your marital relationship.

Until some people compare the educational level of their children to the level of the children of others, which is A negative act destroys everything, for it first destroys their relationship with others, as well as destroys their happiness with the achievements and possessions they have.

So their happiness is lost with what they have, and the negatives of comparison with the other do not stop at this point, but extend to include resentment on our lives, and exceed the limits of that for some to become a reason for feeling By persecution and suspension of failure at the gate of misfortune, it also leads to feelings of inferiority, usually followed by hostile behaviors that end in quarrels, bickering, and hatred.



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