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How to make sleeping in travel a better experience for you?

Perhaps one of the most important problems that the traveler may encounter and suffer from a lot is the issue of sleeping while traveling, of course, after the trouble of a long travel trip, between airports, planes or whatever means of transportation, what you most desire in the end is to have a space for comfort for you.

This space mainly requires that you be among your means of thinking when preparing for travel, it is not a simple matter to be able to get your comfort, there are many who suffer from insomnia due to the difference in the sleeping place, others have the problem with the type of pillow, if there are many problems and the search for The right solution out there, if you like to travel.

And if you want to get the purpose of this trip, which is to enjoy and also rest, then you have to be able to work on that in the beginning and before setting off on your journey, this is on the one hand and on the other hand you have to think about your steps in your journey.

what you should do and what you have to do Avoid, here are the most useful tips for you to get comfortable in travel, that is, to get a large and sufficient area of ​​sleep so that you can enjoy your time later:

Resist the temptation to nap

After a long day of sightseeing, if your trip is in this area and side, or it is in the field of work and meetings, n it is a business or business trip, you may crave some quick rest, the ideal solution is to take a nap or a simple and short nap, but in fact That these few minutes may lead you to problems with night insomnia.

you will remain in a state of fluctuation throughout the night and without getting what you want to sleep in travel and satiety to rest, so it is better to resist this temptation, try to stay away from short sleep, and think about How to complete your day and sleep at night.

Do not go to bed with a full stomach to avoid sleep problems while traveling

One of the most wrong things that you may do while traveling and that may not help you sleep is food, that a stomach full of food is one of the reasons that lead to insomnia and lack of sleep.

The reason is clear that this full stomach means the activity of the digestive system in dealing With this food, this activity will not help you rest and thus sleep, and for this it is preferable to either eat a light meal at night and away from foods that are difficult to care for or that require a long time to digest such as meat, or to make there is sufficient distance between food and the stomach for sleep, do not To go to sleep with a full stomach.

Stabilize your schedule

For example, sleeping late at night, early sightseeing, or there are no deadlines for work, some may think that in the case of travel, especially for tourism purposes, that there are no rules of discipline that can sabotage these appointments or tamper with those, He can stay up early in the morning, and mix in food.

Even in travel, it is required to be disciplined in appointments, sleep schedules in travel and staying up late, and food any map that may lead to bad results later. Whether to sleep or wake up later, or even his activity.

Set a deadline to watch the screen

One of the most common mistakes we make every day is sunning in front of the TV before bed, or continuing to watch the phone from the bed and other electronic devices and screens, but health and medically, these devices must be turned off and not used for at least half an hour before bed.

As these devices can be a sign of preoccupation Brain instead of trying to relax to your brain. In addition, the blue light emitted by these devices is harsher on the eyes than the warm light of a lamp, and this lighting prevents your body from producing melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Scientific studies indicate that the structure of the human body is designed to make our nervous systems wake up at dawn and fall asleep at dusk. Therefore, exposure of the body to these rays and lighting affects the body’s natural functioning and production.



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