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How to travel the world for free


Home swapping

Nope, home swapping isn’t reserved to the likes of Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz – but if you ever watched The Holiday (2006), you’ll know it’s a great way to see the world for free. The concept is simple: swap your home with a friend or pen pal for a holiday. That way, you both get to experience a new destination. The best bit is, every time you go travelling, you’ll likely meet more people you can trust to water your plants for a while! You could also check out sites like MindMyHouse for house or pet sitting gigs. You’ll usually get paid a fee and free accommodation while the homeowner is away.


You’ve hit the beaches, explored the old town, and bought your fill of ice-cream and souvenirs… now what? For many travellers, organising a volunteering gig for part of their trip helps make it financially viable and gives you something new to do. It could be anything from gardening to helping out a hostel or school. Best yet, the perks usually include discount off your flights or accommodation.

Work or study abroad

You’ve probably met fellow travellers who have taken trips as part of their college or university course (Erasmus is one example). This usually involves spending a term or two in another country and taking some classes there. There are also sites like Workaway, which charge a small fee to sign up for daily job and volunteering postings across the world. Flights will still be cost here, but discounted or free accommodation is usually offered.

Okay, so you’ve decided to travel the world for free… shall we get deciding on destinations? From Egyptian adventures to island hopping in Turkey, check out Contiki trips now 🌎


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