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How to use social networking sites according to 9 important rules?

These nine rules for using social networking sites protect you from many troubles and negative influences and provide you with the opportunity to obtain the largest possible benefits.

Thanks to modern technologies, we are now more connected to each other. The use of social networking sites helped us overcome social difficulties, and enabled us to share our experiences with each other, by exchanging photos, videos, events and chatting.

With all the positives, however, multiple studies have found negative effects when using social networking sites. These include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety, cyberbullying, fear of missing something or FOMO, unrealistic expectations, negative body image, unhealthy sleep patterns, general addiction and many more.

It is okay to live your life on the Internet through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok or others, there are hundreds of millions of others who do this, but life on virtual communication sites has conditions and rules that concern you, including the following nine rules:

9 rules to follow when using social networking sites

understand reality

Don’t let virtual communication dominate real life communication. Ask yourself what is the goal of any activity you do in the real world and compare its results with the virtual world. The obsession with using social networking sites such as Facebook, for example, or its peers, may lead to making the goal of any outing or activity into a mere opportunity to take pictures to be posted on the site, instead of the various activities being an entertainment goal that must be enjoyed in itself.

privacy protection

Are you worried about how much of your information is private on the Internet, and is at risk of being stolen or misused? Privacy on the Internet in general and when using social networking sites, in particular, is an important issue.

Any image or information that you publish on the Internet and in social networks can be stolen and used in other areas by other people.

Quality not quantity

Adding names from all sides to get the largest number of people to your account when using social networking sites is not evidence of success and popularity that confirms that you are a popular person or that you are already a socially famous person.

Remember that most of your fans, followers and subscribers are in the virtual world. Try to focus on who adds value to you, not just a number in the world of virtual numbers that do not represent your actual reality.

control and control

Alluring are the tools that you can access when using social networking sites. Tools such as publishing, sharing, editing and many more.

Try to learn it and know its benefits.

If you do not know how to undo or delete information, do not publish it at all unless you master all the details of those services.

confuse everyone

Separate your professional and private matters when using virtual networking sites. This creates a good balance between work, family and friends in your virtual presence.

Don’t tear down the boundaries between work and personal life, and keep professional commitments separate from family activities and free time.

The good and the benefit

Take some time to think about why you use social media, whatever platform you prefer. Social media for you is simply what you do on it. Like everything in life, online and offline, you reap what you sow. Therefore, the good and the benefit must be the goals of social convergence, whether in reality or virtual on the communication sites. What you do and who you join or associate with you are the link that may be your key to benefit or harm.

Keeping secrets

There is a famous saying that “a secret, if more than two people know it, is no longer a secret”. There are many cases in which the secrets of the owner’s knowledge or ignorance of using a service were leaked. Social media sites encourage the use of their tools to communicate, and you find yourself in front of options to share and allow access. You must therefore resist the temptations offered by these services, and understand them well if you do not know the repercussions of your action. Understand your permission requests to access your screen, files, media library, voice commands, and recording.

give and take

Social media has made it easier to share ideas and information, and has increased the contributions of people to help each other. It has helped tackle major global challenges, from human rights abuses to climate change to better disaster response to improved healthcare, public health and more. There is a lot of giving, promotion and marketing that goes on.

Therefore, try to listen carefully to what is going on around you in social networks, and do not just share what others publish or just watch. Take the initiative and contribute, and you will find that you have information, experiences, initiatives and opinions that benefit those around you.



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