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How tourism in Lisbon enables you to relax and fully enjoy?

Tourism in Lisbon is a very good option due to the distinction of that city with the presence of many tourist places in it, and the name of the city of the seven hills was given to that city, and the reason for that is that it is one of the cities that was built on seven hills.

And its location helped it to be One of the most important countries in Portugal at all and is visited by a lot of tourists annually, whether tourists who prefer to visit entertainment places or historical and archaeological places, as well as tourists from beaches and various parks, the city includes all these places, and we will give you a guide for a tourist tour in Lisbon Besides, we will provide you with the best hotels in the city.

Tourist places in Lisbon

There are many places that can be visited during tourism in Lisbon, which are varied between archaeological attractions such as castles and various museums, and there are many coastal attractions, that is, overlooking many beaches, and each person has to choose what he wants to visit, according to his inclinations and convenience when visiting the tourist places, and we will provide a comprehensive tourist guide to Lisbon so that the city’s tourists can use it during the currency of a tour in Lisbon, which is:

Discovery Monument Activities

A tourist tour in Lisbon should include a visit to the Discovery Monument, as the length of this monument reaches fifty meters, and the location of this monument was chosen in particular, as it is one of the most important places in the city, and was taken in ancient times as a center for the departure of ships Which works on discoveries, and there are a lot of memorials surrounding this place, and it has been limited to about 33 memorials, and entry prices to this monument for adults have been set at about 8 euros, in addition to that children enter with an entry fee of only 3 euros.

Recreational activities in the commercial field

There are a lot of recreational and tourist activities that can be done through the commercial square in Lisbon, as it has many restaurants and cafes, as well as many shops, and this square is one of the most important symbols in Lisbon, and the reason for this is that it is Your way to reach many of the most important tourist places located in the city, as well as your way to reach the statue of King Jose I, and through this place you can have your favorite hot drink and enjoy watching everything around you from restaurants and distinctive streets.

Tourism in the Garden of Nations in Lisbon

The Garden of Nations is one of the most important tourist attractions in Lisbon, as it embodies history as it should be, and this park contains a lot of recreational activities, as there are many places for children to play in, along with a group of wonderful water exhibitions, This park is very suitable for people who prefer calm, relaxation and enjoyment of the picturesque natural areas, and this park is characterized by the fact that entry to it is free.



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