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Important tips for having a constructive conversation

Creating a constructive conversation is the goal of any dialogue. Dialogue is a form of communication between people through words and words or through symbols and suggestions. Dialogue has many forms, some of which are direct and this dialogue is mostly between Friends or family members, and sometimes this dialogue develops and takes a serious character and takes place during a conference, an important personal discussion, or even a dialogue in a job interview.

Lecturer and attendance, and this dialogue may take many other forms, such as advertising operations, and with the beginning of the last quarter of a century in our current era, we have witnessed all the development of technology that completely turned our lives, and made most of our work done on it, and the most popular means of communication became the word and individual and group dialogues Hence, it has become important to learn how to build a constructive conversation because its usefulness is increasing day by day.

Define constructive conversation

It is a form of conversation that takes place with the aim of reaching a certain opinion or an important decision, and any constructive conversation takes several characteristics and forms that are usually devoid of other conversations.

They consult quietly without bias, and this conversation often takes place in companies when making an important decision that may change the future of the entire company, or it takes place between a coach and his team in order to reach a specific game plan, and sometimes it is more simple than this, such as having a constructive conversation between a number of friends about a particular dilemma going through the community;

This conversation begins with each party presenting its own point of view, then each party presents the arguments it has and they are discussed among the members of the conversation in all transparency.

Usually, the end of this conversation comes to one of the parties giving up their point of view and adopting another idea that they find more logical, based on stronger justifications. Who was supporting his idea of ​​the first conversation?

Constructive Conversational Terms

The conditions for a constructive conversation are the main determinant of this type of conversation. When you abandon some of these conditions, you may find the conversation goes in another direction, far from the constructive conversation. The first of these conditions is the existence of common ground between the interlocutors, such as the ideas and language used in the dialogue.

Both sides should be ready for a constructive conversation, and this psychological preparation helps reduce the possibility of intolerance one who has the right in his hands, and we should not point accusations at others, and we should not start any dialogue with prejudices on the parties to the dialogue;

in addition to this we must learn how to control our feelings and the degrees of transformation between different feelings so that we do not suddenly turn from a state of evasion the simple to a state of revolution and nervousness; Simple steps, but when you follow them and practice them, you will notice a big difference in the dialogues we enter and the increase in the benefit that accrues to us in the end, in addition to that we will earn a degree of respect in the souls of others.

Tips to make your constructive conversation more useful

Although the main goal of any constructive conversation is to positively juggle different opinions in order to win a correct opinion, in the end, this does not prevent you from simulating the conversation before engaging in it, by compiling your different opinions on a large piece of paper, and then writing the different arguments that support These opinions, and you try hard to put yourself in the place of your opponent in the dialogue and take a critical look at what you are convinced of.

And try to demolish these opinions yourself, and here some ideas will stand, and some other ideas will prove that they are not worthy of support, and between this and that you will find some ideas that question and difficult You have to identify one specific position towards it, and here you can collect these ideas and go to the Internet, or any different source of information, and search for them in detail and surely you will find many new points about them that you did not think of before, and after this process, you will find that all your ideas are supported by strong evidence .



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