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The best way to sail the Croatia islands


Remember, when you travel with Contiki, you’re not just getting the dreamy destinations and great service. You’re also setting yourself up for a bunch of new friends. After all, you’ll be sailing with an awesome group of 18-35 year old travellers.

Whether you’re looking for party pals, fellow creatives or friends to check out a new island with, there’ll be tons of opportunities to get to know each other. Yes, I’m talking about the social dinners and city tours, but don’t forget about optional experiences, too!

Free-Time Add-ons are extra activities we’ve curated to go perfectly with your trip. You can include these for an additional charge (usually around $20-$30). On Croatia Island Sail, you get the chance to go on kayaking adventures and exclusive walking tours, plus there’s even a farewell dinner on the last day of the trip. But if you’d rather explore the islands at your own pace, you can opt out of these excursions and join in when it suits your schedule. 

Of course, you do get a lot already included in your trip, some of which is listed below: 

  • Delicious included meals, made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients
  • Stunning sailboat accommodation included for every night of your stay 
  • See the Hvar Spanish Fortress, Arsenal and St. Stephen’s Square
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site, Stari Grad
  • See one of the world’s best preserved Roman buildings: Diocletian’s Palace, Split
  • Orientation around the medieval fortified old town of Korčula
  • Plus so much more! 

Curious about the Croatian islands? Indulge your adventurous side and cruise the Adriatic with Contiki this summer! 


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