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The traits of a neglected wife and the way to deal with the neglect of the wife

The family and the successful marital relationship are built on the presence of a wife who takes care of all the details related to her husband, children, herself, and her home, and fills their lives with love, tenderness, and tranquility, but when the wife is neglected, this negatively affects the lives of all family members. Dealing with wife neglect?

The traits and behaviors of a neglected wife

Neglect is one of the bad qualities that may exist in the wife, and there are signs that the wife neglects her husband, her home, her children, and her appearance while emphasizing that the wife who tries to take care of all that but does not succeed in it is not considered a neglected wife, and the signs of a neglected wife are:

  • Do not care about cleanliness and shape: the wife herself is a neglected wife who does not care about their appearance in front of her husband does not care about the form, not Baltazan in front of him and personal cleanliness and smell, which makes the husband alienate them.
  • She does not care about her husband’s appearance: the wife is considered neglectful when she does not care about her husband’s appearance, the cleanliness of his clothes, and the monotony of his dress, despite the fact that she has free time and spends it talking on the phone or to her friends on a daily basis.
  • Doesn’t take care of her house: A neglectful wife often doesn’t care about her house as it stays in a mess, untidy or clean, and spends her time talking on the phone, social media, or TV.
  • She does not care about her children: the neglected wife often does not care about the cleanliness and monotony of her children sufficiently or to study them and develop their talents and does not try to identify their problems and find solutions to them.
  • Staying long hours on the phone: One of the traits of a neglected wife is that she stays for long hours on the phone and on social networking sites on a daily basis, despite the fact that there are duties and tasks that she has to perform towards her husband, her home, and her children.
  • Disorganization of time: the wife may be accustomed to staying up late and staying up late on social media, which causes her to sleep late and irregular in the daily routine, which makes it more difficult to manage the house and take care of the husband and family.

Emotionally neglected wife traits

The wife may not be neglectful of her home, her children, and herself, but she may be neglectful of her husband emotionally. What are the characteristics of an emotionally neglectful wife:

  • Failure to support the husband in the problems he is exposed to: If the husband does not find support in his wife in the critical situations he is exposed to and does not provide him with sympathy and support, then this is evidence of emotional neglect on the part of the wife.
  • Emotional coldness: The husband may try to get close to his wife and try to hug her or touch her just to feel love and tenderness, but when the wife evades her husband and avoids him, she is considered an emotionally neglected wife.
  • Lack of interaction with the husband: Failure to interact with the husband and show happiness when he succeeds or sympathizes with him in difficult situations can be evidence of emotional neglect on the part of the wife.
  • Indifference in the relationship of intimacy: is the indifference of intimacy in the relationship and the lack of interaction with the husband during or evade them kind of emotional neglect, especially if it is not the wife of any logical justification was evasion or indifference permanently and repeatedly.
  • Forgetting important dates in his life: Forgetting important dates in the life of the spouses, such as the date of their marriage or the date of his birth, for example, is evidence of the wife’s neglect of her husband if she is repeatedly and without a circumstance that justifies this forgetting.
  • Not caring about his feelings: The wife is considered emotionally neglectful of her husband when she does not care about his feelings and insults him in speech, mentions his shortcomings and negatives, and ridicules him permanently.
  • Neglecting the kind word: The husband always needs to hear the kind word or a beautiful invitation, especially when he comes back from work tired and exhausted. When the wife neglects this, the husband feels that his wife does not appreciate his fatigue and that she is neglected and emotionally stingy.


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