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Top 10 Beaches in Sri Lanka

Are you a beach lover and want to spend time on your precious vacations on the beautiful beaches of the world? Here we brought a guide for your beach tour.

The Sri Lanka, which is known for its costly sides, is our first puck for the variety of beaches. Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean, and it is thus an Iceland. There are a variety of beaches there in the country, and these beaches have become a tourist attraction for many years. The beaches of Sri Lanka are known for the coastal views, solitudes, a fresh and soothing environment, and everything else that one needs for their perfect vacation.

In this article, we have brought some of the famous Sri Lankan beaches that you must have to visit if you’re a beach person.
Let’s have the details.

As we have written earlier, Sri Lanka is an island; thus, there are beaches around every corner of the country. You have to choose a coastal area that suits your vacation mood. Here we are going to give you detail about some beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka.

#10 Wijaya Beach

We can say that Wijaya Beach is the favorite beach of tourists. The coral leaves there always give you an enchanting feel. You will never get bored of going o this beach. You can enjoy a soothing and romantic sunset at the coast of this side of Srilanka with your loved one. The vast rocks place there in the brown sand give the most authentic feel of the beech.
The top seasons to be there at the Wijaya beach is December to April and July to September.

It is not good for surfing, but you can have a good experience of swimming there.
You will not found this beach very crowded even on peak days too.

#9 Mirissa beach

The Mirissa beach is a famous Sri Lankan beach, and it has remained unknown for many years. Due to this reason, the beach has gained popularity now. This is a beach for the people who don’t want to relax there but want to do some essential beach-related physical activities. There are surfing, swimming and all that you can enjoy on the beach.
The beach is known for the bars and the resorts.
The peak season remains from November to April and from August to October.
You will found it crowded as it is new to the tourists
The surfing experience is outstanding.

#8 Hiriketiya Beach

This famous beach is also called the hiri beach by the locals of Sri Lanka. The best thing about the beach is, it has wild waves. The surfers find this beach a perfect one for surfing. Get your surfer boat and have a fantastic surfing experience. You may have a guide for surfing too.
The peak season remains from November to April and August to October
You may find some surfers there on the beach in the peak season
Perfect for the surfing

#7 Trincomalee beach

The Trincomalee beach is another famous beach in Sri Lanka. It is also a must to visit the beach when you are on vacation in Sri Lanka. One interesting thing about this beach is that the whales and dolphins will be swimming there in specific seasons. Your luck matters the most here; you may find them during your visit.
The peak seasons are from February to August.
You will found little crowd during the peak season
Not made for surfing.

#6 Tangalle Beach

Tangalle Beach is one of the beaches of Sri Lanka that you may find difficult to reach but trust me, once you are there, it will be worth the difficulties. This is a paradise in Sri Lanka. It is made to provide the most soothing feeling to the soul and the most enchanting feeling to the eyes. There are only a few resorts there.
It is not really crowded during the peak season because it is a little out of the route in Sri Lanka.

#5 Koggala Beach

Koggala Beach is a beach that is not famous like the other beaches of Sri Lanka. It got fame due to its white sand, giving you all the different feelings when you remain there.
The peak season remains from December to April and July to September
Not crowded
Surfing is possible, but one doesn’t expect a great experience.

#4 Arugam Bay

A surfing hub, you can say that. The surfers from all over the world reach there to experience wonderful surfing. Many international surfing championships had also been held at this beach of Sri Lanka. The surfers find it the best place to stay during their visit to Sri Lanka.
Peak season remains from April to September
Very crowded in peak seasons
Best waves for surfing

#3 Unawatuna Beach

A simple beach to hang on. Here you will find plenty of bars and resorts to eat food and to drink your favorite drinks.
Remain crowded from November to April
Surfing is not that good.

#2 Hikkaduwa Beach

The best to enjoy the wonderful sunset. It is very famous among the tourists. It is a little out of the route but you can stay there overnight too.
Remain crowded during the November to April
Great for surfing

#1 Ventura Beach

A wide beach that offers resorts and bars that are entertaining the tourists in the best of the way.
Like others, reach there in the autumn to have the best sunbath

Final Thoughts

Sri Lanka is the land of beaches. We have enlisted some of the famous beaches of Sri Lanka in the article. Some of the beaches are very well known by the tourists and some are new to them. The beaches that are still emerging are not very crowded even in the peak seasons. Due to this reason, these are good for the solitude and having the best f your time.
We have mentioned some of the beaches that are best for surfers. It is not huge but a little population there in the world that do surfing and enjoy doing that. For those, there must be proper wild waves on which they can surf.
If you are on vacation. You should visit the beaches that are mentioned above. Choose, depending upon your need and mood.



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