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Underrated Places to Visit in the Most Visited Country of the World – France

One cannot ignore the captivating beauty that France possesses. Even if you’ve never been to France before, it has a lot to offer. It would undoubtedly lead you down the path of nostalgia. It inspires you with images of the Paris Eiffel Tower, Nice’s pebbly beaches, Bordeaux’s finest wines, and Lyon’s impressive architecture. While half of the world is already in love with France, there are millions of reasons why you should be in love with this beautiful country.

Even though every tourist would have places like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Disney Land at the top of their must visit list. There are beautiful, breath-taking underrated places in France that you must definitely visit. Next time you pack up to visit the country of LOVE, don’t ever forget to include the below places to your must visit list. 

1. La Rochelle France

The Old Port of La Rochelle, guarded by medieval towers, is one of France’s most magnificent urban sights. Those towers are open to the public and contain 600 years of history. The museums in the Old Quarter will tell you about the merchants and explorers who set out from the port on expeditions and are filled with the artifacts they brought back. La Rochelle is home to France’s premier aquarium, which is fitting.

The city has never truly fit in with the rest of France: it was a Dutch stronghold during the Wars of Religion, is firmly protestant today, and has always had its sights set on the sea.

Some top places to visit –  La Rochelle Aquarium, Old Quarter, Tour de la Lanterne, Old Harbour

2. Alsace

Alsace, a heritage tourism region in France, is firmly rooted in modern Europe.

The region’s gastronomic and craft traditions are frequently on display at one of the many outdoor fairs, including the Alsace Wine Fair, the Mulhouse Fair, and the Strasbourg European Fair. A must visit place in Alsace is Riquewihr which is Situated between the peaks of the Vosges mountains and the Plain of Alsace, Riquewihr is a medieval town right in the heart of the Alsatian vineyards, classified among the Most Beautiful Villages in France. 

3. Le Puy-en-Velay in the Auvergne

Le-Puy-en-Velay is a historical town in the heart of the Massif Central, surrounded by high hills and the region’s famous conical volcano forms. Le Puy is difficult to reach due to its remote location, but the journey is worthwhile
The Chapel Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe was built in the 10th century and is perched high on a rocky pinnacle. Hike up the numerous steps to the Church of Saint-Michel, and be thankful that you are not carrying the building materials with you. Its construction was an impressive feat accomplished by the Bishop of Le-Put to commemorate his return from his pilgrimage.

4. Nantes on the West Coast

Even as the sixth-largest city in France, Nantes is often overlooked in favour of its other equally large neighbours.
The Loire is Nantes’ lifeblood, bringing the world to its doorstep and allowing trade and industry to thrive. Take the city’s Navibus shuttles to ride the fantastic machines on the Île de Nantes or lounge by the river in Trentemoult, a bohemian village on the left bank.
The artist François Delaroziere has brought to life whimsical animatronic creatures inspired by Jules Verne’s writings and Leonardo da Vinci’s fanciful gizmos on the west side of the Île de Nantes. All of these incredible machines are interactive: The Grand elephant is very tall and carries 52 passengers on its back for a walk where every step is felt.

5. The Auvergne in Central France

It’s a magnificent mountainous area, remote, wild, and rural, with incredible geology. The Allier River runs through it, beginning near Mende and gathering strength and power until it meets the Loire near Nevers.
In winter or summer one can spend time here in the countryside, trekking through volcanic valleys, swimming in flawless crystal clear Blue Flag lakes or gliding down ski runs at intimate, unpretentious resorts.

Hope you will travel to these scenic places in France and have fun all the while.

Happy Touring! à votre santé! 👋



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