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The main prohibitions on the plane? 9 things to absolutely avoid on planes

Whereas flying was once considered a luxury, the quality of air travel has been declining dramatically over the past 30 years. Gone are the days when the seats were hugely comfortable, the meals varied and tasted great, and the in-flight entertainment, nowadays it is common for the plane to be a cramped cabin.

And if you are lucky you will get a snack which is a sandwich or some biscuits, (unfortunately Even pistachios, nuts, and peanuts are long gone. Of course, doing such actions in order to influence the price of the ticket and eventually sell more, that is, the price will be at the expense of the service.

So, how do people nowadays deal with the process of flying, have the changes that have taken place in the flight and its accompanying services affected the way it is dealt with? Of course, the answer will be yes. We have collected some of the rude, ridiculous and frank behaviors that people do on planes, which is an inconvenience to the rest of the passengers and therefore should be considered one of the prohibitions of the plane.

taking off the shoe

Walking barefoot may be acceptable at home, but on the plane, not only does it harm and unfair to other passengers, but may harm the health of the passenger.

While airplanes are cleaned regularly, the carpeted floors have some germs left in them. Even worse, many people go to the bathroom without wearing socks on their feet, they may think that they cannot catch diseases or pick up germs through their feet, but on the contrary they can be full of germs. Just imagine, for example, how many people have had jet lag and vomit, so you have to protect yourself from harm first and refrain from taking off your shoes.

Putting your feet on the armrests of the plane prohibitions

The only thing worse than walking barefoot on a plane is snooping on someone else with their feet Many passengers seem to think that the armrest in front of them is a perfectly acceptable place to extend their feet when they feel cramped by the limited space in their spaces. This movement is not correct and is considered a sign of lack of taste and the principle that any traveler should not make it, regardless of his need to stretch his feet.

Changing the baby’s diaper

It is well known that flying with children is not easy, as most parents can attest. However, this does not mean that the usual behavior of the traveler should be carried with him also just because he is outside the home. This means that if a child needs to change on the plane, it should be done in such a way that it does not interfere with the ability of other passengers to have a pleasant flight, and for this it is better to do it in the bathroom of the plane despite its narrow space.

speak out loud

There are many people on the plane, different ages, genders, and temperaments.

It is agreed that they are heading towards the same direction and want to spend some quiet time until reaching their destination, so there may be a lot of insinuation for one of the passengers to always speak loudly and loudly, especially If they are a group of people, this applies to the use of gadgets such as a mobile phone or laptop. It should be noted that some passengers may be tired, ill, or suffer from old age and need sleep, and therefore this noise is one of the prohibitions of the plane.

Continuously open upper chests

It is undeniable that storage space is limited on most aircraft. Unfortunately, despite being aware of the limitations on using overhead storage space, that doesn’t stop many passengers from opening overhead bins to get their things during the flight. Not only could this pose a danger to themselves but also to the passengers around them, blocking the aisles, a general inconvenience to anyone else on board.

And when you want to travel lighter on your next trip, this is the best way to pack a bag.

Bringing an inappropriate meal is one of the prohibitions on the plane

As we said, airlines have become a little stingy in their meals served on the flight, and sometimes they may be non-existent, especially in aviation that depends on a very cheap ticket price at the expense of luxury and pleasure, so some passengers may take the initiative to bring their food with them in the form of A sandwich or something else, which is somewhat acceptable, but what is not acceptable is to bring some foods that smell unpalatable to everyone, the traveler used to bring tuna, garlic, onions, etc., it is better to bring what is easy to carry, good taste and smell, such as cheese, for example.



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