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Why does my husband doesn’t take care of me?

My husband neglects me! How do I make my husband care about me and not see anyone else? Reasons for the husband’s neglect of his wife, and ways to make your husband care about you, ways to attract the husband and restore his interest

A husband’s neglect of his wife is one of the most painful things, especially when it is physical, psychological, and emotional neglect, which makes the wife ask trusted experts, saying: My husband neglects me, what should I do?
In this article, we offer you tips and solutions for the husband’s neglect of his wife, and how to act in the face of this neglect, while trying to research its causes.

My husband neglects me and does not care about me! Here are the reasons

Many women ask the question: Why does my husband neglect me? Perhaps you should take into account several things before you get an answer in this context. What if you thought about the following things before accusing your husband of neglecting you?

  • Perhaps you misunderstand and exaggerate several things and take them as neglecting your husband of you. Always try to write down everything that goes on in your mind of blame or sadness about something, or even anger, write it down in the form of written points, and you will find many times that once you limit these things in writing You make it simpler and you can understand if it’s real or not.
  • Don’t dig into the past, but perhaps you have old, deep wounds, and perhaps it is they who make everything seem to you as if it were neglected.
  • Think carefully about the circumstances surrounding you and your husband, and remember that whoever lost a parent a few days ago will not be able to provide you with much affection and pay more attention to your relationship. Remember that someone who lost his job a month ago and started spending his savings is not in a very good psychological state to show interest, and so on. Measure the surrounding circumstances and understand them well before accusing.
  • Perhaps you are making a mistake that prevents the husband from showing the desired interest, perhaps you are not giving the husband enough opportunity to show his love and concern.
  • Now, after the past matters are in your sight, and you still feel that you suffer from the neglect of your husband, and you still wonder: My husband neglects me, why?

There are a number of reasons that may lead to your husband neglecting you. Among the reasons that lead to your husband neglecting you:

  1. Perhaps you did not take care of love well from the beginning, that is, you did not give enough love and interest in the relationship, which led to coldness in your feelings and the rhythm of your lives.
  2. Perhaps he immersed himself in the atmosphere of the job and tried to raise your standard of living, and neglected the emotional and emotional side between you.
  3. Perhaps you were also immersed in the responsibilities of childbearing, and failed to show enough care and love.
  4. There are many defects that lead to the husband neglecting his wife, including lack of trust, lack of respect in dealing with the partner, and there is a lot of suspicions and a lot of jealousy, and a lack of understanding of what the husband expects from you and what you expect from him and what are the expectations of each of you from the other.
  5. The husband may be involved in a new relationship, and you may not be interested in providing what he found in another, such as your interest in yourself and your attention to the emotional touches in your life together, what drives him to betrayal.
  6. Lack of respect and lack of proper relationship rules may be among the reasons why a husband neglects his wife; This is because the foundations on which the relationship is built are not strong and fundamentally unsound.
  7. My husband neglects me, how do I make him take care of me?


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